Meet the most innovative and irresistible new dessert since the Tollhouse cookie: CHOCOLATICA BOMBSHELLS!

Sixteen “OMG” Flavors! Wholesale or retail, there is nothing else out there quite like these showstoppers. Yes, chocolate connoisseurs, the Chocolatica Bombshells are THE new chocolate treat of the “I’ve seen it all” era!

Chocolatica Dark Chocolate Truffle Bombshell warm

Keturah“Just ate your treat. OMG! AMAZING! I shared it with two of my daughters… they said that you have to adopt them! Real chocolate lovers will want to buy EVERYTHING in your Chocolatica line!”

Keturah Allyson, Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist/ lead female vocalist for the band Keturah, and solo artist

Chocolatica Gift Baskets Galore

Chocolatica Gift Box with Chocolatica Bombshells and Olive Tree Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Love sharing your Chocolate? So do we! Whether it’s a spontaneous gift or a bonafide special occasion, we have a delicious array of gift boxes and gift baskets just waiting to be devoured! Brimming with our Chocolatica Bombshells in all sorts of make-you-blush flavors, our boxes can also be customized to suit any occasion. Think of it as a little bit of bliss all nestled in a basket!

Shop our gift baskets…

Chocolatica By the Bag, Box or Platter

Dozen Chocolatica Bombshells

Yes, our posh Silver and Golden Bags are FILLED with Chocolatica Uber Treats! Chocolatica Bombshells in 16 different flavors (and growing)… Chocolatica Truffle Chunk Cookies… oh my! These can be ordered in multiples with one Bombshell per bag for teacher’s gifts, customer appreciation treats, party favors— or even used as a creative way to disguise a gift card or bonus check. We also have posh bakers boxes filled with goodies galore. Need something for an office pow-wow or dinner party? We’ve got you covered! No one will say no to a platter of Bombshells– only be prepared to be the hero du jour!

By the bag, box or platter

Wholesale Orders

Warm OMG Peanut Butter Bombshell with Gelato

We love our wholesale clients! Whether you are interested in our grab and go products or our plated desserts, we would love to be a part of your world. We pride ourselves on being able to customize our product to your needs. No crazy minimums and we adore creating special products! Click here for more info or contact us at to secure the wholesale password.

Wholesale Clients

Laura Reiley, Food Critic - The Tampa Bay Times

“At the end of November, Meridith Alexander debuted her 100 Shades of Chocolate’s – Chocolatica Co.. The coin of the realm is her Bombshell Brownie, a doorstop-heavy… square of heaven.”


Restaurants Featuring Delicious Chocolatica Desserts

Chocolatica’s tantalizing variety of flavors can be found at many fine restaurants and boutiques including:
Ballyhoo Grill
Bayshore Market
Cepas Wine Bar and Tapas
Duckweed Market
Hattie’s Beanery and Cafe
Hollywood Venue
Tera Sur Cafe
The Olive Tree

Elena Pezzini“I am very health conscious so it’s extremely rare that you will see me being tempted by desserts.  I had virtually given up hope of finding anything different, much less a dessert that I could indulge in without feeling guilty. When I tasted the Chocolatica Bombshells, I was totally caught by surprise. Here was a decadently rich but definitely luscious chocolate dessert that was totally different from anything else out there. It was truly the best of both worlds and at 153 calories a serving, I can actually indulge and feel great! It’s now my favorite dessert to serve at my romantic dinners for two. It seems to taste even better by candlelight!”  

…Elena Pezzini, Founder and CEO “You Have Got the Power” 

Chocolatica Dark Chocolate Truffle Bombshell warm

Meet our version of the Bombshell….

The Chocolatica Bombshell is a new hybrid Über dessert, brimming over with a treasure chest of Ghirardelli and Lindt chocolate…and none of those gauche artificial preservatives or weird additives. There is nothing artificial about pure bliss! After all… naughty doesn’t have to be bad…!

Our flavors are:

The Original Chocolatica Bombshell…. brimming with both white and dark Ghirardelli and Lindt chocolate, these little babies will melt your heart and caress your palate!

White Chocolate Kahlua Kisses…This little baby melts on your tongue… delicate hints of Kahlua tease and tempt like the deep wood Nymphs of the romantic fairy tales… this is the confection that can dazzle even in the company of Dom Perignon…

White Chocolate Margarita…Lime… tequila… instant knee melt… just sayin’…. you can hear the waves as the white chocolate makes its first encounter with those unsuspecting lips….

Dark Chocolate Truffle…Intense… sultry…slightly less sweet, but definitely sublime… dark chocolates come together in an escapade of decadence… and if you dare to heat this Bombshell… oh dear… maybe it’s time for our first disclaimer….

Irish Dream with Jameson’s and Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans…The Irish are known for their passion…well, consider this a culinary trip to the most romantic part of Galway–all in one wee Bombshell…. black Irish in this case certainly means chocolate…and oh that Jamesons!

Jumpin’ Java with Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans…Exotically wonderful… infused with the finest espresso and chocolate covered espresso beans… this could easily become the little black dress of your dessert repertoire… a must have… just add your favorite accessory….

Gaspar Rum Truffle…This dark rum infused Bombshell conjures up romantic tales of leather and lace… the perfect indulgence to be shared with you favorite pirate or pirate queen… maybe while tracing out that seductive map to the ultimate treasure chest…

OMG Peanut Butter with PB Cookie Crust…Pure indulgence: one layer of Lindt and Ghirardelli, one layer Bombshell and then (gasp) the ultimate Peanut Butter Truffle Chunk Cookie Layer crust… yowza!

Cookie Dough Kisses with Cookie Crust…Imagine if one could marry the perfect brownie, the perfect fudge and the perfect Chocolatica chunk cookie together… need we say more…?? 

Dark Chocolate with Bourbon and Praline Pecans…Our irresistible dark chocolate truffle Bombshell meets pecans served New Orleans stye: pure praliné. OMG yes, the saints long ago came marching in… 

Banana Fou Fou Foster…The ultimate culinary love affair: a caramelized “rum drenched banana” and white chocolate layer entwined with a seductively smooth blonde Bombshell layer

Lady De Guava Bombshell… white chocolate melts flirtatiously into a whirlwind of rum kissed guava….

Beer Infused Tall Dark & Kokonut Bombshell Our passion for Kona Brewery’s coconut beer combines with our passion for dark chocolate and coconut… From one Paradise to another!

Heart Throb: Dark Chocolate Chipotle BombshellOur other beer infused dark chocolate Bombshell packs a kick thanks to its red and green chile pepper components… like a pair of red stilettos, only edible….

ZINGRIA: White Chocolate Sangria Bombshell… white chocolate fuses with hints of lime, fresh orange, red wine, tequila and cinnamon for this luxurious summery indulgence…

ZINFUL”, The Dark Chocolate Zinfandel Bombshell…. A truly voluptuous indulgence! The richness of the zinfandel coupled with the fine chocolates add an irresistible depth to this Bombshell… capped off with more Ghirardelli and a dusting of cocoa…

Ipanema : White Chocolate, Grapefruit & Champagne Bombshell… A fantasy in white chocolate with a lovely “pop” from the champagne and a zip from the grapefruit… like feeling the breeze of the Riviera across your palate…

EDELWEISSE: WHITE CHOCOLATE WITH ELDERFLOWER…  an exotic floral interlude of white chocolate with elderflower liqueur

“I definitely consider myself a chocolate connoisseur and I’m no stranger to great chocolate, but, OMG! Best thing I have ever eaten in my life! No kidding! It has been just over a week since I placed my last order and my husband is already begging,’Get more! Get more!’ Your Chocolatica Bombshells make us act like we’re 18 again. And don’t think that I’m complaining! Anyone who is looking for a ‘wow’ dessert should DEFINITELY try your Chocolatica!” ABBY PHOTO copy cropped

… Abby Koffler, Entertainment Director, Century Villages 


Seize the “Day-licious” Chocolatica Lifestyle!

Hello, Chocolaticas, Chocolaholics and the “Fine Chocolate Connoisseur”! Welcome to the “ever-evolving” Chocolatica web site where we celebrate Life, Love and the Pursuit of Chocolate! Like naughty philosophical culinary nymphs, we will joyously seduce you with our most playful array of confectionary decadence and “bliss-inspiring” wisdom!… From the richest, most provocatively gooey “Bombshells” to our favorite wise quotes from the “Book of Chocolatica” (and beyond), our aim is to make your heart melt and your tastebuds soar!

You’ll of course find a growing selection of cookbooks where we unveil our most “secret” recipes including the new “Alluring Art of Chocolatica” cookbook! You’ll find the Chocolatica Boutique where we share links to all sorts of goodies ranging from the ultimate haute aprons to the most “ooh la la” vases overflowing with Bombshells and Chocolatica Cookies galore!

You’ll find 100 Shades of Chocolate Publishing where we share tips that we learned throughout our own book publishing experience. You can even learn to create your own dream recipe book or let the Chocolatica elves create one for you…. Wink!

You’ll find all sorts of blogs and surprises that will delight and inspire you. It’s posh… it’s “Diva”… it’s rich, gooey and decadent…and if you look closely under the whip cream and the ganache, you may even find a subtle little hint of Tinkerbell “sparkle wisdom”..!
So seize your own “day-licious” Chocolatica lifestyle and allow your lovely Chocolatica self to “Be-You-tiful”! Dive in! Explore and create!

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